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Join me at PetValu - November 29th

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What gift has your pet come to give you?

We LOVE our pets, and for good reason. I believe our pets come into our lives to teach us lessons, and to help us heal pieces of our soul.

In Numerology, your name determines your Destiny number. Your Destiny number indicates the gifts you come here with. It represents who you are and what strengths you have to empower you. It’s what you are here to do. From your pets’ name, I can determine their Destiny, and the gifts they’ve come to share with you.

Want to open your gifts?

Join me Saturday, November 29th
at PetValu Pet Store
Shrewsbury Plaza Shopping Ctr, Shrewsbury Township, NJ
Noon - 3pm

Pet Destiny Reading - $10 for 10 minute


Looking for a unique holiday gift?

Custom Pet Prints are created to help you understand the messages your pet has come to share with you. These prints are a great way to honor the life of your pet. They serve as a wonderful acknowledgment of all he/she brings to your life.

    Order by 12/8/14 to insure Christmas delivery,
    and enjoy 10% Savings with code: HOLIDAYS

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