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The numbers are grouped into two families - “even” numbers and “odd” numbers, because of their similar characteristics. The even numbers often have problems with odd numbers because each family has distinctly different strengths and weaknesses.

Odd numbers – which correspond to the right side of the brain – represent intangible things, such as creativity, flair, inspiration, and love of adventure. They do not like to “fit in” and sometimes will stop right in the middle of something and go off in another direction. They might sometimes do what society leads us to believe is the “wrong” way to do things. Maybe that is why they are called odd. Odd numbers want to expand form; even numbers want to maintain it.


The number 1 represents the drive to initiate and impel things forward. It represents the sun and the        intellect and is considered masculine. Number 1s are the leaders, bosses, pioneers, and visionaries. They are ahead of their time. From the negative side, number 1s can come across as bossy, dominant, or aggressive, or may seem to be poor listeners.


The number 3 represents the drive for self-expression, creativity, and artistry. Number 3s are gifted, talented, lucky, imaginative, optimistic, and blessed with a sense of humor. Number 3 is called the fair-haired number because its life is pleasant. From the negative side, number 3s can be lacking in direction, gossipy, unorganized, and all talk, no action.

The number 5 represents the drive to experience life–which manifests as curiosity, love of adventure,  and    change. The usual tendency of number 5 is to be unusual. This is the number of expansion and unlimitedness; number 5s do those things in every directions–at all times. From the negative side, number 5s can seem fearful, discontented, moody, overextended, or may come across as escape artists.

{The numbers 1 through 6 represent cares and concerns of the everyday world, sometimes called the mundane. With the number 7, we enter the higher realms of existence, as it serves as our bridge.}
The number 7 represents the drive for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of all things. Number 7s  are the observers, seekers, researchers, hermits, or skeptics. From the negative side, number 7s can appear withdrawn, sarcastic, cynical, depressed, or too analytical.

The number 9 represents the drive for true feelings of acceptance and brotherly love. It also speaks of    forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, and appreciation. From the negative side, number 9s can seem depressed, moody, possessive, or bitter. The highest of the odd numbers and the symbol for completion, the number 9 is the 6 grown older, wiser and much more tolerant of others.


Even numbers – which correspond to the left side of the brain – represent things of form and structure, tangible things, anything that can be seen or touched. They like to conform and want to “fit in”.  They prefer for their lives to go smoothly and do not like the unexpected. They frequently symbolize what society leads us to believe is the “right” way to do or be.

 The number 2 represents the drive for peace, harmony, and togetherness. Number 2s are soothing, sensitive, gentle and patient. The number 2 represents the moon. It is considered feminine. It embodies things that are difficult to explain with words, such as feelings, energies, vibrations, sonar, radar, and intuition. From the negative side, number 2s can seem timid, overly occupied with detail, self-deprecating, and unwilling to stand up for their beliefs.

The number 4 represents the drive for orderliness. Number 4s are structured, practical, efficient, and down to earth. From the negative side number 4s can seem exacting, closed, opinionated, and lacking in imagination.

 The number 6 represents the drive for service. It also represents love–romantic love, tenderness, caring, and benevolence. This includes the love of people for each other, which leads to relationships, homes, and families; patriotic love, which leads to service of country; and devotion and concern for people, which leads to social welfare and reform programs. Number 6s are devoted, concerned, caring, loving, and immersed in beauty. From the negative side, number 6s can appear self-sacrificing, nagging, overly protective, resentful and unhealthy.

{The number 8 symbolizes the law and is expressed through the law of retribution: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and through the law of karma, or cause and effect: “as above, so below,” and “an eye for an eye.” It further represents the law brought by Moses, which is the ten commandments and all the “Thou shall nots,” as well as the new commandment of Jesus, “Love each other as I have loved you.”}   The number 8 represents the drive for balance. Number 8s are directed, structured, authoritative, and potent. From the negative side, number 8s can seem driven, compulsive, obsessive, and miserly.  The number 8 is different from other numbers. It is Godly, a high-energy number. Power, authority, and recognition are what the 8 is all about. It is the number that brings the law.

 {0 - The Cipher} The 0 represents the fullness of all possibilities and broadens and elevates the number it accompanies. The 0 symbolizes the whole world. When added to a digit, it does not change the value; it raises it, making it more mature. It signifies that the number it sits next to has been through the whole cycle and is now returning to work from a higher perspective.


The master numbers – 11, 22, 33, 44 – are exceptionally special numbers. Wherever a master number appears, it represents a strong dedication to assist in the great conscious awakening of our times. The appearance of a master number anywhere in a numerology chart reflects the wisdom and maturity that are necessary to effectively handle more choices and responsibilities in life.
A master number is created from two single digits, which have the potential to form something greater than any single digit is capable of forming alone. The master numbers carry within them the number they can be reduced to. The number 11 is also 2 (1+1=2); 22 is also 4 (2+2=4); 33 is also 6 (3+3=6); and 44 is also 8 (4+4=8). People who express these numbers draw from the positive and negative sides of all of the numbers involved.

  The master number 11 includes all of the qualities on 1 and 2 and is written 11/2. It represents the force that holds the lantern that lights our way up the path to higher consciousness. The double 1s form a doorway to this higher consciousness. To go through the doorway takes both inner strength and flexibility. From the negative side, 11/2s can appear nervous, high-strung, disillusioned, or contradictory, and even “schizophrenic,” shifting back and forth between distinctly different personalities. The main attribute for the number 11/2 is the desire for balance.

  The master number 22 includes all of the qualities on 2 and 4 and is written 22/4. It represents the drive to rebuild the world in cooperation with the higher laws of human dignity and mutual participation. From the negative side, 22/4s can appear self-destructive, cruel, lazy, or negative.

  The master number 33/6 includes all of the qualities on 3 and 6 and is written 33/6. It represents the drive to bring more light and levity to the world – integrating laughter and humor with service and responsibility. From the negative side, 33/6s can seem aimless, burdened, or too concerned with pleasing others.

  The master number 44 includes all of the qualities on 4 and 8 and is written 44/8. It represents the drive for reconciliation, healing the duality and pragmatic split between God and Goddess. (By whatever name, the creator lives inside us, bringing oneness of mind and body.) It also represents the desire to heal the children of earth on the world level, the social level, and the personal level. From the negative side, 44/8s can seem heartless, rigid, tyrannical, or overwhelmed by life’s burdens and difficulties.



Text from “Numerology, The Power in Numbers” by Ruth Drayer,