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See Me.

Hello, my name is Tonya, and I'm the artist behind See you. Be you.
My background includes a BFA, and a 23 year profession as an advertising Graphic Designer. My life at that time was primarily focus
ed on doing what I thought I was supposed to do: go to college; get a job; have a family; live comfortably. I thought that was the key to happiness. Now please, don't misunderstand me. I've found much joy and satisfaction in all of those things. They are all a part of my whole. Having had those experiences makes me, me. But it wasn't until my 23 year career ended that I started to really understand who I am and what I'm here to do in the world. And, what I know now, is that understanding who you are is the key to sustained happiness.

At our core, I believe we are all the same. We are pure Awareness. We are a part of The Whole. We are an expression of Life. But it is in that commonality of expressing Life that our innate differences arise. We each come with an individual purpose for our life, one that only we can express and fulfill. Understanding our purpose, and living true to it, enables us to create happiness, peace and prosperity for ourselves, and for the world.

Custom Prints for True Living.

The Custom Prints in my shop are created to help you deeply understand yourself... to see you.
Using the ancient & sacred
art of Numerology, the prints outline for you the blueprint of your life. Each print reveals insights about your Self, such as your strengths, your major lessons to be learned, and your purpose for life. People experience pain - anxiety, worry, struggle, anger, isolation, feeling 'not-good-enough' or 'less than' - when they are not living what is true for them. The information on your personalized document can serve as a daily reminder that inspires shifts in your perspective, and motivates change as you move along on your journey. My intention is to inspire you to live a fuller, truer life by helping you to see more deeply who you are.

 "The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." - Joseph Campbell


Why Numerology?

Numerology is the study of the meaning of numbers and their influence on life. I tripped over Numerology in 2007. I knew almost nothing about it, but was intrigued by an online form that promised to deliver insights about my life if I provided my name and birth date.  Minutes after I completed the form, "my chart"  appeared in my inbox. It was written in a straight forward way, so even though I didn't have someone with knowledge of this science to discuss it with, the information was clear and resonated deeply with me.

When I developed the idea for Life Portraits in 2012, It dawned on me that using elements of numerology would enhance the power of these works to function as a self awareness tool, which it did. And even with just a basic understanding of numerology, it all felt right for me. In 2013 I had the pleasure, and good fortune, to connect with Master Numerologist Ruth Drayer. Soon after we met, I began to study with her. Working with Ruth has provided me a deeper understanding of numerology and how it connects with life. I am honored to use the words from Ruth's book "Numerology, The Power in Numbers" as the primary content for Custom Prints.

Why Giclée?

My initial idea for these prints included me printing them from home on my Epson printer on premium paper. However, as with many things in life, putting that idea into action led me to something even better. Technical difficulties with my printer required that I find other printing options, and that took me back to my fine art roots. One of the things I loved about art school was working with fine art, museum quality paper. Paper that would allow an artist's work to transcend the parameters of their physical lives. Paper that could go on for decades and decades beyond, leaving a legacy of who the artist was, and how they expressed themselves in life. In researching printing options, it became clear that offering my prints on fine art paper, printed with archival quality inks was what I wanted to do. The answer was giclée.

Giclée comes from the French phrase “le gicleur" which means “to squirt” or “to spray”. It was modified and termed giclée, (pronounced as zhee-clay) by an American company who was looking for a way to describe the new print making technique they were using. A giclée print is a way to classify a professionally produced print using inkjet technology, primarily printed on canvas or a fine art paper with archival grade inks. While the process is only several decades old, it has quickly become the method of choice for both artists and photographers.*

So, not only can Custom Prints offer you your unique blueprint, they also have the ability to leave a legacy, for generations to come, saying who your were, and how you expressed yourself in life. I love them. I hope you will too.

Thanks for stopping by,