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What will you Attain in life?

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I love being in my 50s. There is no point in my life I’d rather be.
Something I find inspiring about the study of numerology is that it shows us we don’t fully become the person ‘we’re here to be’ until the latter part of our lives.

In numerology, your Attainment number represents the summit of your life plan and reveals the design of your soul’s present journey. You could say, it's your life's purpose. Numerologically, life is divided into four cycles - similar to seasons. It isn’t until after you enter your fourth cycle of life that your Attainment number kicks in. Before then, you are still learning and experiencing all the things you need to learn and experience to be able to grow into the higher energies of that number.

To find your Attainment number, combine your Birth Path number (from your date of birth) with your Destiny number (from your name at birth), and reduce to a single digit (do not reduce master numbers). The full Name at Birth explains who we are and embodies the talents and abilities we have developed through past lives. The birth date charts the roadmap of our journey. In the later part of our lives, they fuse, and the Attainment number is formed, which clarifies the plan for the individual’s evolution. Together, they form a triangle of energy with the Attainment number as the capstone of our lives.**

Birth Path: 11/2  +  Destiny: 7  =  Attainment: 9

Attainment #9
The number 9 represents the drive for true feelings of acceptance and brotherly love. It also speaks of forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, and appreciation. From the negative side, number 9s can seem depressed, moody, possessive, or bitter. The highest of the odd numbers and the symbol for completion, the number 9 is the 6 grown older, wiser and much more tolerant of others.

What is your life meant to evolve into?
Figure out your Attainment number, then visit the numbers page to see what it means.

A Custom Numerology Print is a great way to remind yourself of who you are, and to stay the course of living your truth.


** from "Numerology, The Power in Numbers," by Ruth Drayer

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