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No.7 Print

$ 65.00

  • The Number 7.

    If the number 7 plays an important role in your life, this print can help you stay attuned with its higher energies. This print is a reminder to live the positive influences No.7 has intended for you.

    Upon viewing this print, some of the words may not be visible to the naked eye. However, your Higher-Self will see and resonate with everything there. But for those whose naked eyes want to know what the print says too, here it is:

    Inside the Number: mystic, bridge, loner, think, tenacity, seeker, perfection, observer, analytical, faith, knowledge

    Background: The usual tendency of number 7s is to analyze and look deeply into everything, seeking understanding of universal truth. However, they are also looking for perfection and commonly see what is wrong rather than what is right. Number 7s tend to criticize everything and do nothing to change any of it. They may seem superior and complete inside themselves as if they need nothing from anyone. They are the skeptics and can be counted on to have serious doubts about most things. Even as children, number 7s are frequently misunderstood, keeping secrets and wondering why they are so different. Number 7s are usually found off by themselves somewhere in nature or in a corner watching and observing. Even when lonely, they frequently have a difficult time asking for companionship or accepting things from others.

  • PRINT: Archival Pigment Print {aka Giclée}
    On 11"x14" fine art paper

    FRAME (optional): 11"x14" 1.625" wood molding frame.

    PROCESSING TIME: Print ships in 4 - 7 days, Framed Print ships in 1 - 2 weeks

  • This Print makes an exclusive, inspirational gift for • Babies • Birthdays • Weddings • Anniversaries • Graduation • or Any other occasion for giving.

    Prints can not be returned or refunded. Replacements will be dispatched due to store error or transit damage.