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Pet Portrait & Reading

$ 199.00

In Numerology your name determines your gifts & strengths. Using your pet's name (the one they answer to) we determine their "Expression/Destiny" number and the gifts they've come to share with you. Their personal number is combined with their digital painting (made from the photo you provide) to create this stunning piece that you will cherish for years to come.

Each portrait is unique. The composition is determined by the subject's position, the length of their name, and their number. The background pigment is dictated by colors that vibrate with your pet's number while taking into consideration his/her coat color & markings. A proof will be sent to you before the portrait is released for print.

Included with this piece is a one page reading of your pet's Destiny number and it's meaning.

Your portrait is printed on a professional quality 1.25" canvas gallery wrap that includes finished backing, hanging hardware, and bumper corners. The 1.75" Floating Frames are sourced from North American poplar wood and are available in three colors: Black, brown, and white.

To order, you must provide:
1. Your pet's name
2. A clear, focused, close-up photo of your pet. It works best if you clearly see their eyes. The photo should be a minimum of 1500 x 1500 pixels.

Please contact me with any questions. Once the portrait is started it is non-refundable.