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He nailed it!

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Born with a the gifts of the leader, and the path of the beacon, Wayne Dyer was a shining example of how living "the truth of our hearts" can lead to a life of greatness, lifting our world to a higher level.

Thank you Wayne, for following your guidance and sharing your love.

Wayne Walter Dyer = Destiny Number 1 (his gifts & strengths)

You were picked to be a leader in life, and you agreed to take on the role. However, no one can demonstrate to you how to do it "correctly". A mistake is to look outside yourself to get an idea of how others do things. That will only show you their way. Time and again, life will remind you that your way is different. Take on this adventure!

May 10, 1940 = Birth Path Number 11/2 (his life long lesson)

The master number 11 includes all of the qualities of 1 and 2 and is written 11 /2. It represents the force that holds the lantern that lights our way up the path to higher consciousness. The double 1 s form a doorway to this higher consciousness. To go through this doorway takes both inner strength and flexibility. The main attribute for the number 11 /2 is the desire for balance. Number 11 /2s endeavor to balance feminine and masculine energies, and thereby achieve overall balance. Once achieved, they go on to teach balance to others. To accomplish this, great integrity, strength, and gentleness are required.

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