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Animal Relationship Reading

$ 90.00

" You are their guardians, but they are your teachers. Their teachings have an underlying purpose - to allow in more love and more joy into both of your lives."
- Tammy Billups

Animal Relationship Reading helps you:

  • Obtain a deep understanding of your pet and the energy they've come to share with you.
  • Understand and appreciate yourself more, allowing more compassion and acceptance of yourself (and others).
  • Be in better flow and harmony with your life.

What does a reading cover?
A 30-minute reading covers your animal's Destiny Number and the gifts it has for you, your Birth Path Number, which is your life lesson, your Destiny Number, which outlines your talents and abilities, and your Hearts Desire Number which tells your motivations, and hidden desires.

How do I schedule a reading?
To schedule your appointment, select an available day and time using the "Please select Reading" box, then proceed to checkout to complete your purchase.

If you are unable to find a time that works for you, or for questions regarding the purchase of a reading, contact me at